You have a CHOICE for medical imaging! Image is everything. 

Your physician has ordered an exam for you but you never knew you had a choice. Well you do…demand the best and ask for your procedure to be performed at OPI.

OutPatient Imaging has been in business since 2003 when we opened our first office in Peachtree City, GA and shortly after we opened our second office in Newnan, GA in 2007 and then not long ago we finally opened our third office in Atlanta, GA.

We are a fully credited members of these organizations  ACR, ICANL, and FDA Mammography.

Benefits Include:

  • Significant cost savings in comparison to area hospitals
  • Sub specialty Board Certified Radiologist MD on location
  • Fully accredited facility
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Self pay discount
  • In-network preferred provide for most insurance companies
  • Experienced, registered technologist to perform exams
  • Pleasant environment
  • Quick, professional service
  • Free Parking

We offer all the major imaging technologies at OutPatient Imaging. This provides our patients with the unique ability to move immediately from one technology to another if diagnosis would be better served with a different procedure or if one test reveals the need for a more targeted study.

Here at Outpatient Imaging we provide significant cost savings in comparison to area hospitals for the same tests.

Unlike many other facilities in the area, OPI is independently owned and radiology physician owned. The doctors who refer to us have absolutely no financial interest or ownership in our centers and do not profit by referring you to us for care. Exam costs at OPI are also consistently lower than area hospitals and other imaging centers.

Remember “You Have A Choice“, you don’t have to go to an area hospital or other imaging centers to get the same services you can get here at OutPatient Imaging. Call us today at 404-CALL-OPI to schedule your exam!